Dùng "Propose"

Propose + gerund có nghĩa Suggest (đề nghị).Trong diễn đạt này, nó có ý nghĩa tương tự như khi được theo sau bởi một mệnh đề-that.

Ví Dụ
  • John proposed going to the debate.
  • I proposed having lunch together.
  • Who proposed eating at this restaurant?
  • I propose that we buy a smaller car.
  • I propose buying a smaller car.

Propose + infinitive có nghĩa là intend (có ý định) hoặc offer(đề nghị).

Ví Dụ
  • The Government proposes to bring in new laws.
  • I propose to finish this meeting tomorrow.
  • He proposed to go so I didn't have to.
  • Janet has proposed to take notes and circulate them afterwards.